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Locomotive Espresso, Variety Cafe, Artisan Bakery, Junction Climbing, DoughEV and more!

Traditionally brewed without compromise

Stock up on bubbly brews to sip with your pals this spring! Made with good quality tea, organic juiced fruit, organic botanicals, and time.

Punk Rock Flea Market London

Join us Saturday April 20th 11am-4pm on Dundas Place for a day of live music, 65+ vendors, skateboarding demos, food & drink, activations, and more!


7 years on, we needed a big change!

We wanted to make more kombucha, and have a broader impact in the beverage industry. We were sad to lose the yummy sandwiches + coffee too, but it's going to be worth it (winky face).

Our brewery is located in the same spot, 242 Dundas Street. We're currently closed to the public.

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Keep kombucha refrigerated (1-4 degrees) until you're ready to drink it.

Our kombucha is best before 3 months from production. It is safe to drink after this for several months, but we think the flavours shine the brightest within 3 months.

Our kombucha is truly fermented and unpasteurized, retaining all the beneficial microbes that give it the full-bodied flavour you love. It's very safe and delicious for most people. However, since kombucha is unpasteurized it is not recommended for very young, pregnant, or immune-compromised people.

As always, we suggest you speak to your doctor to find out if kombucha is right for you.

Fermentation naturally produces small amounts of alcohol. Our kombucha recipe produces a brew with alcohol at or below 0.5% and has been lab ethanol tested.